4-Step Guide To Replacing Submersible Water Well Pumps To Keep Water Flowing To Your Home

If you have a residential water well, there is probably a submersible pump inside the well casing. These types of well pumps are protected from the weather outside, but they eventually wear out and will need to be replaced. You may want to know more about the process of replacing your pump before you have the job done for your home. The following steps will help you understand the process of removing an old pump and replacing it with a new submersible pump:

1. Pulling the Old Submersible Well Pump and Checking to See If It Can Be Repaired or Restored

The old pump is going to need to be pulled from the well casing to prepare to install the new pump. The first step to remove the pump is disconnecting it from wiring and plumbing that are connected to it. After the pump is disconnected, it needs to be carefully pulled from the well. Make sure that nothing falls inside when the pump is removed and cover the casing when you have the pump out of the well.

2. Inspecting the Wiring and Plumbing That Goes From Your Well to Your Home for Problems

Inspect the wiring of your well pump for damage that needs to be repaired before wiring the new pump. If the wires are old and worn, then it may be a good idea to replace them before installing the new pump. In addition, check the wiring from your home and any pipes that go from the well to your household plumbing.

3. Flushing Sediments Out of Your Water Well and Preparing the Casing for a New Pump

After you have removed the pump and checked the wiring, you will be ready to start preparing the well casing for the new pump. Flush any sediments out of the well casing to get ready to install the new pump. The well casing may need to be restored before the new pump is installed to ensure it the well is charging with water.

4. Preparing the New Submersible Well Pump to Be Put Back in the Casing and Testing It

Lastly, you will need to prepare the well casing to install the new pump by removing the temporary cover from the wellhead. Once the cover is removed, prepare the pump and tape the wiring to the pipe the pump is attached to, which will prevent twisting that damages electrical wires. Slowly, the pump can now be dropped down into the well casing and connected to start pumping water to your home again.

These are some of the things that you will want to know about removing an old and worn submersible pump and replacing it with a new one. If your well pump has worn out, contact a water well pump replacement service to go through this process and get the water flowing to your home again.