Using Repairs as an Opportunity to Create a Greener Bathroom

If a problem occurs in your bathroom, one positive thing you can do is view the occasion as an opportunity to be more eco-friendly in your approach to restoring it. Here are some eco-friendly ways to approach bathroom repair.

Dual-Flush Toilet Replacement

If your toilet is the part of your bathroom that's damaged, you should consider replacing it. You can instead install a dual-flush toilet that has two buttons for flushing instead of one. One of the buttons is for if you only need a light flush. But, if you need a more substantial flush, you can hit the second button for heavy flushes. This type of toilet can save thousands of gallons of water per year since you won't be using more water than you really need. With this feature, you save a significant amount of water.

Switching Out VOCs

If you had bathroom flooring or paint that used volatile organic compounds before, the point at which you need repairs is an excellent time to switch out the older treatments. Not only can this be a problem for indoor air quality since these compounds get into the air you breathe, but the paint and vinyl can also flake off and end up in the water table.

When you're repairing paint or vinyl, you should look for products that have the green seal. This is a non-profit organization that gives you a sense of whether these types of products are staying away from VOCs during their production. Your bathroom and your lungs will be happy that you made the switch, as will the local environment.

Light Repair

If there's a problem with the lights in your bathroom that you have to fix, you should consider doing a repair with LED replacement instead of traditional lightbulbs. These lights last many times longer than the old lights. They are more expensive, but the longevity of the lights is often ten times longer or more. The lights can last as long as 15 to 20 years. You will also save on electricity.

The shape of LED lights is more efficient, and the electricity use is often many times more efficient, so you can easily get the money you spent on the lightbulbs back within one year, depending on your light use.   

Repairs are often viewed as an annoyance, but they can also be an opportunity. They're an excuse to end up with a greener bathroom that you can be proud of. 

Talk to companies that do bathroom repair, such as Aumenta Plumbing & Heating Co., for more ideas on how to make your bathroom greener as you repair it.