5 Reasons A Sump Pump May Not Operate Properly

The sump pump within your home is in place to help prevent flooding. The pump can be used to quickly drain flood water from the basement of your home using an external pipe. Still, like other types of emergency equipment, it can fail under certain circumstances. Here are a few common reasons that a sump pump may not operate properly:

Power Issues

Sometimes, during a severe thunderstorm or other types of inclement weather, a power failure may occur. Since a sump pump is dependent on electrical power in order to operate, pump is inoperable until some type of power is restored to it. Some homeowners have a backup electrical generator in place to maintain power flow to the pump and help prevent the flooding of their basement.

The Switch is Jammed

Sump pumps can also failed to operate properly because of a jammed switch. This problem can occur if the pump shifts inside the basin, and the device that operates the pump switch becomes lodged against the walls of the pump. In addition, contaminants or debris can cause the switch to be jammed. To restore the operation of the pump, it should be cleaned thoroughly and repositioned inside the basin.

Too Much Water

The size of the sump pump should be comparable to the amount of water that the pump will help to remove. If a pump is too small, it may become overwhelmed by the flow of water. On the other hand, a pump that is too large for the amount of water that is pumped may work harder than it should, resulting in the premature failure of the pump.

If your home is located in an area that is known to flood, it is usually advisable to purchase a large sump pump with a greater amount of horsepower. A smaller, less powerful pump may be needed for homes that only experience occasional flooding.

Clogged Exit Pipe

The discharge pipe of your sump pump can become clogged with ice during winter months. When the pipe is closed or clogged, water can hit the barrier inside the pipe and flow back into your basement. In addition to ice, debris and even small animals can clog a discharge pipe.

Defective Product

Although a sump pump is not typically defective, it is possible for a pump to have a problem that is associated with a manufacturer's defect. Thus, immediately after installing a pump, it should be checked to ensure that it is working properly.

If you need to have a sump pump repaired or replaced, contact a business, such as the Frank Niesen Company.