4 Things That Could Be Interfering With You Enjoying Hot Showers At Home

Are you a person who enjoys taking hot showers yet find yourself having to endure lukewarm or cold water showers? There are a number of things that could be causing you to have to endure this inconvenience. The following suggestions can aid in helping you determine possible culprits and get you on your way to better shower experiences.


Consider replacing your current toilet. Some older toilets may be less efficient. When they are flushed, fluctuations in water pressure and water temperature may occur. Investing in a new toilet could stabilize your plumbing and prevent or reduce these awkward fluctuations. You could also attempt to make it a household rule not to flush any toilets in the home during shower times.

Shower Head

The issue with colder water from showers may also be related to the shower head. The water flow heads may need to be adjusted to permit more hot water to flow through. If  you have a newly installed shower head, it may have anti-scalding features that are causing the water to come through at a cooler temperature. You may also have a malfunctioning part in your shower that needs to be replaced. For example, you may have a shower valve issue such as a broken cartridge that needs to be replaced.

Water Heater

The temperature of the water in the shower could also be related to you needing to adjust the temperature on your water heater. It is possible that the water feels comfortable when you wash your hands due to your body being clothed. However, in the shower, all of your skin is exposed which can make the temperature of the water appear cooler.

You can adjust the water heater temperature to make the water hotter. However, keep in mind that this may mean that your energy bills may be slightly higher. Also, be mindful if you have young children, developmentally challenged individuals or elderly people in the household due to the possibility of accidental scaldings occurring from the water being too hot.


Try scheduling shower times when you are not using appliances that will require hot water. For example, avoid washing clothes in hot water and using your dishwasher during shower times. This is because your water heater tank will be emptied quicker due to the high hot water consumption. The tank will need to refill and reheat in order for you to have hot water. This means that you might run out of hot water in the middle of a shower.

A plumber, such as Garrett plumbing, is the best resource to use for additional tips on ensuring that you are able to enjoy hot and comforting showers. They may be able to offer upgrade recommendations such as a tankless water heater which ensures there is always a steady and ready supply of hot water.