Need New Plumbing? 3 Reasons Why You Should Select Plastic Pipes

If you're looking to replace the old galvanized plumbing in your home, you will have to make a decision about what kind of pipe you want to replace it with. While copper has been a popular choice with homeowners for many years, a plastic pipe known as PEX has become popular recently. Here are 3 reasons why you would want to put PEX into your home rather than copper.

PEX Can Save You Money

Copper pipes are not cheap, which is why so much theft happens with old copper plumbing and copper wire in abandoned buildings. One of the biggest benefits that PEX will bring to your home is that the material does not cost nearly as much as copper. In fact, it will be a fraction of the overall price when comparing the price of the material alone.

What also makes PEX cheaper is that the pipe is flexible, so you will not need to put various fittings on the pipe to get it to fit into your existing home. You'll end up saving money by not needing to buy those expensive copper fittings, and you'll also save money on the labor involved to make all the connections.

PEX Can Avoid Leaks

If you have ever experienced a plumbing leak, you are familiar with how it can be incredibly problematic to fix. A leak can occur almost anywhere in a copper plumbing system, especially with all the joints that have to be manually created.

PEX fixes this problem by having very few joints in order to recreate your home's plumbing. The solid piece of plastic can make long, continuous runs, so there is a lower chance of a leak since there are fewer connections.

PEX will also be able to withstand cold temperatures much better, which means pipe bursts will be less frequent under extremely cold conditions. While a PEX pipe isn't impervious to bursting, you do not need to be as concerned about it under normal household conditions.

PEX Will Not Corrode

When metal comes in contact with water, it can corrode and rust. Even though a coated pipe will not be as prone to these problems, it will still be a concern if you put metal pipes in your home. You simply will not have this problem with PEX. The pipe will not corrode, which will prevent the material from leaching into the water throughout your home as well.

Think PEX is what is best for your home? Contract a plumber like Puget Sound Plumbing to help with the installation.