Four Tips To Help Deal With Septic System Failure Causing Problems With Plumbing

If you rely on a septic system for waste treatment, there are many problems that you may have with the system that can lead to problems with the plumbing in your home. It may be something minor like slow drainage due to solids clogging pipes, or it can be more serious problems that cause backup and messes inside and outside of your home. Here are some tips to help you deal with septic system problems and prevent plumbing problems in your home:

1. Watching What You Put Into The Tank To Prevent Problems

The waste that goes into your septic system can be a source of problems. It is not just the non-degradable materials that get flushed down the toilet. There are also products used for things like cleaning that can affect your septic system. They can kill bacteria and cause overburden of solids in the tank. To address these problems, there are treatments that can help neutralize the tank and help improve bacteria levels to break down the solids.

2. Having Lines Cleaned When They Become Clogged With Solids

Sometimes, the lines of your septic system can become clogged with solids. This can happen from solids getting into drain field lines, which can eventually lead to clogs in the main sewer lines coming from your home. It can also be due to the lines coming from your home getting clogged. To address these problems, the lines can be cleaned and unclogged to prevent further problems.

3. Repairing And Installing Damaged Drain Field Lines That Cause Problems

The drain field of your septic system is another area where you may have problems. This is where the liquids or affluent drain and filter through the ground. The pipes can become clogged or collapse due age or heavy loads. This may be repaired with processes like aeration, but usually will need to be replaced to ensure that your system is working properly.

4. Pumping Tanks That Have Become Overburdened With Solids

Pumping the tanks and part of the regular maintenance that your septic system will need to have done. The tanks will need to be pumped every few years, but may also need to be pumped if you have a septic system problem. This can be due to foreign materials in the tank that do not break down or problem with the bacteria levels in the tank.

These are some tips to help you deal with the septic failure that can cause plumbing problems. If you need help with maintenance or repairs to your septic system, contact a full service plumbing service to get help with your septic and sewer problems.  

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