6 Tips To Keep Your Garbage Disposal In Good Shape

Your garbage disposal is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen and keeps everything nice and clean. However, if you do not take proper care of your garbage disposal, it can get clogged up or damaged. Here are six helpful tips to keep your garbage disposal in good shape:

Don't Throw Certain Foods Down Your Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal can't handle every type of food that is thrown its way. If you throw fibrous foods, such as onion skins and corn husks, down the disposal, it can get clogged up. It is also not a good idea to put very hard foods, like apple seeds, popcorn kernels and bones, in your disposal.

Forget About Grease

Do you ever throw leftover cooking grease down your garbage disposal? If so, you are just asking for trouble. Grease solidifies once it is down your pipes and can cause a major clog. Instead of getting rid of leftover grease in the sink, put it in a plastic container and throw it away in the trash. 

Avoid Throwing Large Amounts of Food at a Time

When you do want to put food down your garbage disposal, you should cut it up into smaller pieces first to reduce the risk of clogs.

Run Cold Water Down Garbage Disposal

Even if you take good care of your garbage disposal, grease from the food particles can eventually build up in the pipes and lead to clogs. An easy way to fix this problem is to run cold water down your garbage disposal after you get done using it. Doing this for a few minutes will help clear away particles in the disposal.

Clean Blades With Frozen Vinegar

A garbage disposal's blades can get dull over time, so it is important to sharpen them periodically. You can do this by freezing vinegar and tossing the ice cubes in the garbage disposal about once a month.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

If your garbage disposal is clogged or running a bit slower than usual, you should not resort to using chemical drain cleaners. These cleaners are very harsh and can cause damage to your pipes over time. If you can't unclog your garbage disposal, it is just best to contact an experienced plumber.

Keeping your garbage disposal in top shape does not have to be a challenge. If you follow these helpful tips, you can minimize problems with your garbage disposal.

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