Follow These Steps To Unclog And Clean Your Kitchen Sink’s Drain

If your kitchen sink's drain does not want to drain correctly anymore, then you need to remove the clogging material from the pipe and clean out the plumbing to remove any residual grease that can cause a future problem. The good news is that this is a simple home repair that you can complete even if you do not have any plumbing or home improvement experience. 

To unclog and clean your kitchen sink's drain, you will need:

  • a clean toilet plunger
  • a large bowl
  • a coffee cup
  • a metal clothing hanger
  • liquid dish soap

1. Plunge the Drain

Plunge your kitchen sink's drain with a clean toilet plunger to see if that will remove the clog. Sometimes, if the clog is not too severe, simply plunging will do the job. If this works, then you can clean the drain with liquid dish soap as outlined in the last step below.

2. Remove the Water and the Clogging Material

If plunging the drain didn't work, then you need to remove the clog from the drain using a hook. However, before you can do this, you first need to remove the water that is in the sink. Use your coffee cup and bail out the water into the bowl. Remove as much of the water as possible. 

Once the water has been removed, then unbend the wire clothing hanger until it is straight and has a hook on one end. The hook should be about the same size as a penny. Dip the wire into the drain and move it around in your kitchen sink's drain to locate the clogging material and pull it out of the drain. Keep removing the material until nothing else comes out. Turn on the water to verify the drain is once again flowing smoothly.

3. Plunge the Drain Again

If the water flow out of the sink is still a bit sluggish, then you should plunge the drain once again. Often, when you have removed the bulk of the clog, then plunging will push the rest of it down the pipe. Run the water after you plunge to ensure the drain is clear. If it isn't, then repeat the wire and plunging process until it is.

If this does not work after a couple of attempts, then the clog could be lower down the pipe and may require a professional plumber like one from Two Men And A Snake.

4. Clean the Drain with Dish Soap

The grease used in cooking is very hard on the plumbing and drains in your kitchen. To remove it and prevent future clogs, place a tablespoon or two of liquid dish soap into the drain and follow it with hot water from the tap. Let the water run until there are no more soap bubbles present.