5 Plumbing Mistakes From Previous Homeowners You Should Have Fixed When You Buy Your New Home

You may not consider yourself a handyman, but evidence of 'do-it-yourself' plumbing projects may be all over your new home. Here are 5 plumbing mistakes previous homeowners may have made on your home that you should have a plumber fix for you.

Pipe connections 

If a previous homeowner had connected pipes incorrectly, you could have corrosion or rust as a result, which can lead to leaks and burst pipes along the line. Check your plumbing connections and make sure they match. Copper pipe should be connected to copper pipe, and galvanized pipe to galvanized. If your pipe connections don't match, have your plumber change your fittings so your plumbing can be sound.


Pipe insulation is necessary to keep your exposed pipes from freezing. Previous homeowners may not have placed insulation around sink or water heater pipes, which can mean you may face frozen pipes come winter. Have your plumber check your pipes to make sure they are properly insulated. They can recommend the best way to insulate the pipes under your sink and in your basement for healthy pipes all year.


Bathroom remodeling projects of the past may have left your sink or bathtub exposed to mold and mildew due to lack of caulking around basin edges. If caulking has been poorly done or is missing, have a plumber check around your tub and sink to make sure water damage isn't prevalent. They can also properly caulk these areas for you.

Uneven installs

Is it just your imagination, or does your toilet feel like it's tilting? Does your tile appear to be off-kilter? Previous homeowners may not have used a level when installing basic plumbing needs, which can lead to unbalanced appliances. A plumber or contractor can repair poorly-installed fixtures for you so you can feel more comfortable in your new home.


Your water heater should be drained once a year. The reason for this is that sediment and minerals from your home's water supply can pool in the bottom of your appliance, which can make it more difficult for your water heater to maintain even water temperature. A plumber can drain your water heater for you and inspect it to make sure it has been properly maintained.

Buying a new home means that you may face plumbing issues that the previous homeowners thought they had fixed. Have a plumber inspect your plumbing and make repairs as they are needed so you can enjoy your new home and feel confident that everything is working as it should. To find our more, speak with a business like Walt's Plumbing.