What To Keep In Mind When Renting A Portable Toilet

If your organization is sponsoring an outdoor fundraiser where public toilet facilities in a brick-and-mortar building aren't available, portable toilets can serve as public restrooms. Whether an organization holds an event at a park, athletic field, or in the town's business district, providing outdoor portable toilets can draw people who might not otherwise attend because of the lack of a public restroom.

When selecting portable toilet facilities to rent for your event, there are several key factors to keep in mind.

Location. Locate the toilets where they are easily accessible. Although a portable restroom should be centrally located, place units where the ground underneath is level and dry.

Portable toilets don't require a lot of space, but you need to check with the municipality where you are holding the event beforehand. The town or state may have regulations governing the placement. There may be sanitation and pumping rules to which you must comply as well. Placing portable toilets at a site may also require permits.

Model. Choose from a wide choice of models. Portable toilets are available that can accommodate multiple needs of the public attending the event. Your organization can rent a portable toilet that has a baby changing station or one that is wheelchair accessible and has hand rails.

Some portable toilet models include a flushing toilet, full-sized toilet seat with lid, and separate urinal. Other accessories that may be available include mirrors, coat hooks, shelves for purses and small bags, gender plaques, and interior solar light fixtures.

Cleanliness. Select toilet facilities that support a clean environment. Although basic portable toilets provide hand sanitizers to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, some models come equipped with hand wash sinks and soap dispensers. You may have the option of including paper towel and toilet seat cover dispensers.

Ventilation. A portable toilet should be adequately ventilated with plumbing vents and vents in the walls and floor, as improper venting can lead to health risks.

Privacy. Select portable toilets with interior latches and indicators on the outside to let other people know the unit is in use.

Number. Depending on how many people you expect to attend the event, it may be necessary to rent several portable toilets to avoid long "wait" lines. If you anticipate large crowds, some companies offer attendant services to keep the restrooms clean and stocked with supplies throughout the day.

Payment. Portable toilet rental companies generally accept credit cards for payment. If you pay cash or by check or money order and are a first-time customer, the rental company may require that you pay on delivery. You may also have the option of applying for a commercial credit account if your organization rents portable restroom units for multiple events throughout the year.

For more information, contact Walters Portable Toilets or a similar company.