Questions About Routine Plumbing Problems That May Arise In Your Home

When your home is unfortunate enough to encounter major plumbing issues, it is easy for you to feel lost or overwhelmed by these problems. Often, this stems from the uncertainty caused by being poorly informed about common plumbing issues. If you are needing to improve your understanding of plumbing problems and how to correct them, you will likely benefit from these answers for plumbing problem questions.         

What Should You Do If Your Water Suddenly Becomes Cloudy Or Dirty? 

You may turn on your faucet one day only to find that the water coming out if it is extremely discolored. This can be a troubling problem to have, and you should avoid using discolored water until the system has been inspected by an experienced plumber. This problem can arise due to a rupture in the water supply line because this will allow dirt to enter the system. Also, if you own a well, the groundwater source may have been contaminated. 

In cases where a ruptured pipe is allowing soil into your home's water, your plumbing will likely need to replace this line, and depending on where it is located, this may entail excavating large portions of your yard. When this problem stems from issues with your well water source, you may need to install a special filtration system that can remove these contaminants before sending the water into your home. 

Why Does The Bathtub Fill With Water Following The Use Of Your Dishwasher Or Washing Machine?

Another commonly encountered problem is a bathtub that is filling with dirty water after you use the dishwasher or washing machine. Unfortunately, this problem can stem from a serious clog in your home's primary sewer line. 

In the past, this type of problem would require excavating a part of the yard to repair, but modern technology has made it possible for people to use sophisticated cameras to scout the sewer line to determine where the clog is located. As long as the clog is not stemming from root intrusion or a collapse of the pipe, this damage may be repaired with a special drill attached to the end of the camera. This will allow your plumber to quickly remove the obstruction from this line without having to destroy a portion of your yard in the process. 

Plumbing problems do not have to cause havoc for your home, but new homeowners may not have the information they need to properly address these issues. If you know how to handle discolored water from your faucets and a bathtub that is filling with water after using the washing machine or dishwasher, you can help ensure that these issues do not cause any more disruptions than necessary for your home and family. 

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