Exploring The Best Plumbing Materials For Your Next Plumbing Project

What kind of material you use in plumbing is essential to the reliability and longevity of the piping system. Thankfully, there are several options to choose from. Consider the intended purpose of the pipe when trying to decide which material is the best option for you.

1. Best for Durability – Copper

If you are seeking longevity in a material then a copper pipe is the best choice. Copper pipes are durable and can last more than 50 years. The only downside to using copper piping is the price. It is considered a premium piping material which tends to make it more expensive than other options.

2. Best for Complex Retrofits – PEX (Cross-linked Polyethylene)

PEX, a type of plastic pipe, is the most widely used piping material. It is a favorable choice for water supply and drainage systems. Due to its plastic nature, you can bend it without having to cut it, which is one of its many benefits. Its low cost makes it an excellent choice for any piping system. This type of piping material is also commonly used for heating and cooling systems as well as transporting gas, oils, chemicals, and sewage.

3. Best for Self Starters – CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride)

CPVC  is considered the easiest piping product to use because it does not require any special tools or any specific skillset to install or maintain. This is why it is the most highly recommended material for DIY plumbing projects.

It is a close relative to PVC, which is used for drainage systems. However, the extra chlorine used in CPVC makes it reliable for drinking water. The cost of CPVC is also relatively cheaper than copper and steel pipes, which makes it and easier choice for many home owners to use CPVC.

4. Best for Water Safety – PP (Polypropylene pipe)

PP is known for its longevity and its water safety ratings. The ends of a PP pipe are not connected with the use of chemicals, instead they are connected by first heating and then fusing them into one another. This makes this piping material ideal for the flow of drinking water.

The installation of PP requires special tools and only a professional plumber is able to use it. Additionally, its price is higher than CPVC and PEX pipes. The water safety characteristics of this type of piping is the largest reason why it is such a popular choice.

When in doubt, there is nothing wrong with asking for a plumber's input on what type of piping material is best for your home. For more information, contact a company like Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Sewer Drain Cleaning.