Have Luke Warm Feelings About Your Water Heater? Reasons Why You Should Replace It

If the old hot water tank in your home is rusting and doesn't work great, it's time to consider replacement. There are a lot of concerns associated with aging hot water heaters, especially since there is a gas line required for the unit. If you are thinking of replacement and aren't sure if you want to, talk with a plumber and get a consultation.

Safety Concerns

If there is rust and the pipes are corroding, you could have gas leaking into the air. The home could be at the risk of an explosion or fire. If the pipes are galvanizing on the inside of the water tank, you could have lead exposed in your drinking water. If there is a lot of mineral accumulation inside the tank, this could also affect the quality of the water.

A hot water tank leak can also be a huge problem, causing water damage and possibly creating a mold and mildew problem where the water tank is stored.

Efficiency Problems

The old water tank isn't just spending every hour of the day working to keep water warm for when you need it, but it's also burning the money in your wallet. The old tank isn't efficient, so you'll have high gas and electricity bills, when you could be saving money with an efficient or tankless unit.

Replacement Options

You can get an Energy Star approved water tank that is going to work with great efficiency to save you money, and there are even tankless units. A tankless water heater doesn't store anything, but instead it heats the water when you turn the faucet on. You get water almost instantly, and you get as much water as you need. You don't have to wait between showers, or worry about running multiple appliances at once.

If your hot water tank doesn't look good and you don't think that it's going to last much longer, call the plumbers so you can estimates for the different models you want to put in your home. You can get a federal tax rebate for using a unit that is efficient, and you get the hot water that you need when you want to draw a bath or take a long shower after a busy day.

Learn more about your options by consulting a water heater installation company. They will help you replace your old heater, as well as introduce you to some options.