Moving Laundry From The Basement To The Main Level: Call The Plumbing Contractor

If you want to move the washing machine and dryer from the basement of your home, up into an area on the first floor, you want to call a plumber (such as one from Absolute Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Services Inc). You also may need the help of an electrician.

The plumbing contractor is going to come to your home to determine if the gas lines can be safely moved, and if the plumbing can be ran to the area of the home where you want the appliances to. This isn't going to happen quickly, because plans will have to be created and submitted to the city.


The plumber is going to come to the home to see if you have pipes that can be rerouted to the first level of the home, so the dryer can have gas for heat. They are also going to look at plumbing on the first floor of the home, to see if water pipes can be added to bring water to the machine, and for water to drain out. Once the plumbing contractor has created the plan for their changes, they apply for a permit.

Electrical Concerns

If there isn't an outlet that can support the electricity that is used by these appliances, you'll need to have an electrician come to your home to give you an estimate. They will have to add an outlet, and make sure that it will be compatible with the breaker in your home. You will want to combine this estimate, with the plumbing contractor estimate, and the cost of the permits.


The plumber is going to need to file for a permit from the city to move the gas line in the home. This requires a permit because the city wants to know a licensed professional is working on the project, and they want to be aware of the project. Working with a gas line is very dangerous, so it's very important that everything is completed correctly. If the electrician has to replace your breaker, then this will require a permit as well.

Adding laundry to the first floor of your home is going to be a great selling feature, and it's going to be more convenient for you guys to do laundry. You'll want to get a few different estimates and layout options, to make sure you like the changes that are going to occur, and to see what the different costs are going to be.