The Beginning Of Home Ownership: When Hiring A Plumbing Contractor Is A Must

Plumbing may seem like just a bunch of pipes, but this is one part of the home where it pays to pay a professional to do the job. In contrast to the regular plumber who fixes your leaky faucet, plumbing contractors specialize in the design of the plumbing in the house as a whole. It is not uncommon for a house that seems perfect on the outside to be completely ruined by a substandard plumbing system inside the walls.

Hiring an experienced plumbing contractor like Da' Water Werks can help you avoid ever falling into that disastrous and expensive situation. And absolutely the most important time to consult with one is before you move in; that is, from the very beginning. Below are two preliminary phases of home ownership where hiring a professional should be mandatory.

1. Building a Home from the Ground up

The floor plumbing is laid even before the foundation of the house. Those pipes can be hard and costly to get to once you've built everything else around them; the surest way to minimize how often you'll have to do that is to have them designed well from the very start.

Plumbing contractors can do everything a regular plumber can do. But they can also advise on systems that will improve the efficiency of your home and prevent flooding. Have your contractor advise on the most effective water heaters, gas and water valves, back-flow prevention systems, drainage, and waste disposal. Discussing these aspects of the house in depth with a professional will give you a better idea of where to invest in higher-quality equipment and how long you may expect it all to last.

2. Buying a Fixer-Upper

Plumbing contractors are equally valuable for inspecting pre-owned homes to verify that they are up to code. Many foreclosed houses with serious plumbing issues have been sold "as is" without the bank being aware that there was a code violation. Usually, it is the new owner who must pay to bring a house up to code, which can often result in an upside-down mortgage over night.

To avoid this, it is extremely important to have a plumbing contractor inspect the entire house for any hidden surprises beneath the floor boards. Professionals look for signs of wear and malfunction in parts of the house such as the main sewer line, the water heater, and the toilet bases. They look for leakage, among a long list of other subtle, tell-tale signs. Take advantage of your plumber's specialized tools. Have him or her run a camera through the main sewer line to identify any existing or potential clogs.

And lastly, don't forget to ask questions. Take advantage of your plumbing professional's knowledge. The more you know, the more you can potentially save by diagnosing issues before they get out of hand. Learn what you can, and perhaps when the time comes, you'll even be ready to tackle the leaky faucet on your own!