Sewer Line Repair Questions Answered

Over the course of a day, your home will likely generate a substantial amount of wastewater. To address this problem, a sewer line runs from your home to either your septic system or the city sewer system. Unfortunately, there is a strong chance that you may not understand what to do when the sewer line develops problems. Luckily, after learning the answers to the following questions, you will be better prepared for what to expect when your sewer line encounters problems. 

Should You Use Chemical Clog Removers?

Clogs are among the most common plumbing problems that you will likely encounter. Unfortunately, when a clog strikes your sewer line, you may find that your home can quickly experience unsanitary backups and overflows. While there are many different liquid clog removers, some people make the mistake of assuming that these chemicals are completely safe for their pipes, but this is not always the case. 

The chemicals that dissolve the clog can also substantially weaken any seals that are used to prevent leaks. Occasional use of these chemicals is generally not a problem, but regular use can lead to major repair bills for your home. As a result, you should contact a professional plumber if you find yourself needing to use these chemicals more than a few times a year. 

Do You Have To Pay For Repairs To The Sewer Line?

Sadly, if your sewer line suffers major damage, there is a strong chance that you will need to have it excavated before repair work can begin. This cost coupled with the actual repairs to the pipe can quickly escalate into a painful bill. Luckily, there may be a chance that you will not have to pay for all of these repairs out of your own pocket because there are a couple of potential options you may be able to utilize. 

In many communities, repairs to sewer lines are the responsibility of the local government, and this is particularly true when the damage to the line is outside of the homeowner's property. Also, many insurance policies will cover repairs that are not related to normal wear and tear to the system. While these options can help you offset the costs of these repairs, you will need to speak with your local water department and insurance agent to determine what your best option will be. 

Damage to your home's sewer line can result in major water damage and unsanitary living conditions. Despite the severity of this problem, many homeowners are not particularly well-informed when it comes to this part of their house. Luckily, understanding these common questions and answers about sewer line problems will help you to better address these issues when they arise. You can also reach out to a plumbing company, like Drainline Plumbing & Sewer Specialist, for more helpful maintenance and repair tips.