2 Reasons You Want Plumbers Doing Your AC Service & Repair

It's not uncommon to hear stories of people who saved hundreds or thousands of dollars by performing a major repair or installation on their own. However, it's unlikely that these stories involved major projects related to plumbing or air conditioning systems. There's nothing terribly hazardous about ripping up your old lawn and laying down new grass all by yourself, but when it comes to projects that involve blueprints and dangerous chemicals, it's really best to hire professionals to ensure that things are done correctly.

Doing so will also save you the time and money you might waste trying to do it yourself, only to realize you lack the knowledge or expertise to do it correctly:

You'll Save Money & Time Using A Plumber 

It can be tempting for do-it-yourselfers to want to tackle repair and maintenance on their air conditioning systems, since many people presume they can save money by buying a unit or components on their own and performing the repair or installation themselves. Unfortunately, when it comes it air conditioning systems, enlisting the help of a professional plumber will almost always save you time and money.

The time it takes a plumber to perform a job will ultimately dictate the cost of the project. It might take a plumber four hours of work billed at $50/hr to complete, where you may need a couple of days to do it yourself. If, for instance you earn more than the plumber's hourly rate, than you will have spent at least an extra $600 (16 hours @ $50/hr = $800). There is an opportunity cost in these situations that you need to consider. 

Not only do large plumbing companies employ professionals with decades of experience in the trade, but they also have established connections with suppliers. Most pay a lot less than you will for an air conditioning unit, or any other components for that matter.

The time you spend removing, installing, tweaking, connecting, disconnecting, re-connecting, and so forth, will be substantially more than the time it takes a professional plumber to get in and out and be on his way. 

Professionals Will Catch Things You Might Have Missed

If you determine that you need a new air conditioning unit and actually manage to replace it yourself, there's still really no guarantee that the AC in your home or office will be back to normal. That's because what you might have thought called for an entire replacement was really only a malfunctioning component that could have remedied the situation for only ten or twenty dollars. 

However, another benefit of calling a plumber to handle this kind of work is that they can identify additional malfunctions or inefficiencies that you might have missed during your own assessment of the situation. For instance, while you may have been right about a broken pump, a plumber might also be able to determine if something caused the pump's demise or if it was simply a matter of an old component finally giving out.

Ultimately, hiring a plumber to handle your air conditioning service and repair needs will not only save you money and time, it will also ensure your system is returned to its full operating capacity and efficiency.